Welcome to FixMyRadio.co.uk

We have specialised in the repair of In-Car-Entertainment (I.C.E.) product for over a decade.

During this time we have worked closely with all the major manufacturers (listed below) supporting and servicing their product. If not listed please email us with details and we will get back to you a.s.a.p. as we can repair nearly all units that are out of warranty.

"This service is designed for your ease and convenience...."

FixMyRadio are the specialists in car audio warranty and out-of-warranty repairs for original fit and aftermarket units for every make and model. The service we offer is straightforward and easy to use: • You send us your radio and we email you a repair estimate within 48-hours (Mon-Fri) • You can track progress online 24/7... or call us(Mon-Fri) • When the repair is done it will have a 90-DAY WARRANTY • Your stereo is delivered back to you FREE OF CHARGE

We appreciate how frustrating it can be, to be without your sound system. Our well trained and experienced engineers will ensure the speediest turn-around time of your product.

If you are to send in navigation or multimedia units please ensure you send in all parts (inc hide away units). In the unlikely event that we need to return the unit to manufacturer for repair we reserve the right to estimate for the repair charge.

Contact us by Email:- Help: help@fixmyradio.co.uk / Enquiries :contact@fixmyradio.co.uk

Telephone: 0121 522 6643
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